Whether you’re responsible for shaping opinions, influencing outcomes, or simply being a decisive and impactful leader, you need an edge.

The Speaker’s Edge will help you hone your distinctive voice, personality and communications skills to powerfully express your ideas and take command of any room.

Shawn Judge will tailor a program to your specific needs. To build your specific edge.

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Client's Speak:
Shawn Judge is a phenomenal consultant and coach. She is able to apply her expertise on an individual and organizational level. She is wonderful at enabling and influencing others to understand self, establish leadership, and find their voice. Shawn has the innate ability to assess a situation and identify the right intervention that will be transformative for an organization and its people. She genuinely cares about people and makes them laugh, which instantly establishes trust and a desire to develop. I've had the pleasure to work with Shawn as a client and colleague. In both instances, her level of enthusiasm, professionalism, and energy was contagious and inspirational.

~Tonya Hampton
HR Director
Office of Workplace Diversity






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