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Presentation Skills

1. Power Speak 2. Speak and Be Heard 3. Bedside Manner 4. Crack the Code 5. The Power Pitch

The ability to speak publicly is a powerful career tool for business professionals in nearly every industry. To quickly gain the attention and trust of listeners, great speakers express themselves in a credible and compelling manner. Whether standing before one or two potential clients or an audience of 1,000, oral presentation skills are critical for job interviews, project proposals, client meetings, negotiations, corporate presentations, and more.

The Speaker’s Edge Power Speak is a proprietary presentation training model to help you convey your individual or corporate message clearly, effectively, and credibly. Good presentation skills will help you manage how you, and the organization you represent, are perceived by others.

Whether you are interviewing for a company for the first time or you’re the CEO ready to address a filled boardroom, Power Speak will help you communicate more persuasively.

Points of Focus

Every session begins with an inventory of personal style. What messages are you sending with your body language, tone of voice and choice of words? What are your inherent strengths, and what areas need to be developed? Together, we'll develop a personalized communications plan to meet your specific needs, skill level and objectives.

Every speaking situation has its particular demands. Understanding what your listeners need from you allows you to tailor the content of your presentation to address those needs. Identifying and directing the intent of your speech allows you to quickly connect with the audience, gain their trust and project authority. Active listening enhances that connection and strengthens your confidence in your ability to think on your feet, thereby increasing your competence at fielding audience questions.

Participants learn relaxation and focusing techniques to counter shyness and stage fright. Voice production and breath control exercises build vocal strength and stamina. Mindful use of the dynamics of pitch, pace, volume and pause, as well as emotion, add vitality and impact to all your communications.
Private and small group seminars are designed to meet the client's specific needs.



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